Apple-Cranberry Bulgar Wheat Salad

I’ll confess that winter is hard for me, much like it is for a lot of people. I don’t like sitting still very long, and when its 15 degrees outside, I don’t want to be outside. Trying to save money keeps me from doing things, so I spend a lot of time inside, at home. It gets old, to be honest. I spend more time than I’m proud of watching chick flicks, documentaries, becoming an expert on random things (did you know that Oak Ridge once had 7 movie theaters? We can barely keep one open now), and doing ab work outs.


I miss running outside in the summer, being able to work on my garden, taking my dogs on long walks, and soaking up the sunshine. But since summer isn’t going to be here for a long time, here are some awesome things I’ve been reading:

This article (and the whole website) has some really good points about eating vegan with a spouse who doesn’t. Since my husband is still a part time omnivore, I can relate. Respect is key, and having patience.

ZenHabits is a blog I adore, and especially this article. I loved number 2 the best, loosening up our identities. I feel the need to never let my identity be so deep in some external object, idea, or persona that if I can’t achieve it, I am devastated. Of course, this is a balancing act, and a truth I’ve often had to learn the hard way.

Inspiration for eating more raw based meals. I love cooking and I don’t ever want to go completely raw, but I like shooting for a good 50% most days. I find I feel better and I’m really hoping it pays off in the long run, because that woman is way hotter than me!

I love the blue tile in this gorgeous, dream kitchen.

And this article makes me wonder if I was born in the wrong generation… and it also stirs up a yearning for Birkenstocks and fried tofu dinners.

Now to food! I’ve been eating a lot of raw salads (AMAZING, I’ll post some favorites next week), and easy, simple, cheap dinners. My husband really likes tabbouleh, so I made him some for this weekend while I’m working. I made half of the bulgar wheat into traditional tabbouleh, then went rogue with the remaining half. This simple, fast salad I whipped up was delicious and hearty. It has cranberries and fresh, tart apples in it, sunflower seeds, red onions, and red wine vinegar! I stirred in some honey at the end to sweeten it out. I can’t wait to eat it this summer as a cold wrap, or maybe this fall with fresh apples.


Cranberry Apple Bulgar Wheat Salad
Cook bulgar wheat by bringing to boil a pot of water. Measure out ½ cup of bulgar wheat, and pour ½ cup boiling water over it. Cover with a towel until the water is fully absorbed. Allow to cool completely. Meanwhile, dice an apple and about 2 tablespoons of red onion. Add these along with ¼ cup cranberries, ¼ cup sunflower seeds, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar, and 1 tablespoon of good honey. Mix until well blended, then enjoy!!!


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