Garlic-Tahini Macro Bowl

Lately I’ve been writing more. And getting published. Which is very exciting. Somewhere between my life-altering obsession with kayaking and juggling full time work and full time school, I’d forgotten years ago that deep inside, I like to write. I minored in creative writing when I went to art school, getting a scholarship for it. Sometimes, when life slows down and you’re left sitting in a worn out green chair in your new living room in a new, isolating town, things like writing and baking creep back up from deep inside you. At least, that’s what happened a few months ago with my writing.


So, now, after my morning stretches and first breakfast, I usually write for a half hour or so in the stillness of my quiet house. I’m writing a lot of things, articles on beautiful old hippie women, descriptions of  how the suburbs make me feel like I’m suffocating, the sun kissed memories I have of living on the farm. I’ve also been writing about my passionate, life consuming love affair with kayaking and the abrupt end a year ago, and how that affected my identity. Writing, for many people is a way to make sense of life events, to really dig in to what really happened and find closure.

It feels good to be writing again.

This weekend was great. I made countless tofu scramble breakfast burritos with kale, went to see an exhibit on ancient Grecian glass on UT’s campus, and got to go for a run outside in the somewhat nice weather.


Things I’ve been really into:

Please go watch this short movie on the Colorado River. Its tragic and sad and beautiful, and now I’m plotting on how to get there ASAP.

Remember that movie about “My Friend Maia”? Well, there’s a video with her daily morning exercise routine on it out there in cyberspace as well!

I watched this movie this week, its an hour long, but its about Ruth Heidrich, who is pretty much my new idol.

There are pages of beautiful old hippie ladies… where have these been all my life?!

I’ve been starting my days with this lately, and its very hippie and peaceful and if I close my eyes I can be transported back to the little porch on my little house in the hay field, where I drank coffee in the predawn light on my porch swing. One day, I’ll be back there.



Ok, so now a recipe! Many of you have probably figured out that this is a not a blog where I post amazing, drooling photos of fabulous food that I’ve spent weeks perfecting a recipe for. I usually snap a few photos with my phone, jot down the simple recipe, and bam. Easy. Most vegan recipes call for obscure ingredients, or for soaking some sort of grain/nut/bean for hours. These can be intimidating. And what do you do when you are rushed for time and can’t get everything soaking just right? Last week I made a pot of rice, a pot of lentils, and a batch of tahini garlic sauce. Everyday before work, I sautéed some broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, and whatever else, added the rice at the last minute to warm up, threw it all in a bowl with the lentils and mixed in my creamy tahini sauce. Easy, simple, done.


Dreamy, Creamy Garlic Tahini Bowl
Inspired by macrobiotic bowls, this bowl lacks any seaweed or cultured vegetable (pickles, etc), so it’s not a full macro bowl. But it’s filling and delicious and cheap!

1 serving cooked rice (for a true macro bowl, the brown rice should make up 50% of the dish)
1 serving cooked lentils (this should be about 20% of the bowl)
Veggies (30%): Broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, or whatever you need to use up

Garlic Tahini Sauce
-2 tablespoons tahini
-1/3 cup veggie stock
-1 tablespoon shoyu (soy sauce)
-1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil
-2 cloves garlic

1) While veggies are sautéing in water on medium high heat, throw all the sauce ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. You want this slightly thin, so the rice really absorbs it.
2) Once the veggies are soft, add rice and turn off the heat. Allow rice to warm up in the pan, then add whole pan to a bowl, throw in the lentils and stir in the sauce. Now, sit on your living room floor, light some incense, turn Bob Marley on, and enjoy your garlicky bowl of goodness.


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