Happy Belly Sesame Tempeh Bowl

Happy Friday! I spent my Friday morning in blissful silence, working on some lovely little charts. My brother is not the best at organizing a good shopping list, and as a result is very often out of food. I think perhaps a lot of people struggle with this, so I created a menu-planning sheet for each week and a grocery list. There are a few staples already written in, and some memory jogging ideas. I’ll be adding them later when I figure out how to upload a pdf.

We’ve had some snow here, which has given me some time to work on some artwork again.



Some things I’m into this week:

A really good article about living green and mixing that with a compassionate lifestyle.

This pretty cool story about a man planting a forest.

I forgot about the Lumineers, and this song, which is pretty good.

I like this little chart about eating and eating well.


I made this little sesame noodle bowl a week or so ago. Its easy and fast and pretty delicious as a cold lunch the next day. I like using buckwheat and sweet potato soba noodles, but you can use any kind of noodle and veggie combination.

Happy Belly Sesame Bowl

-1 package of soba, udon, or any kind of noodles
-1 package tempeh
-assorted veggies: carrots, broccoli, zucchini, etc
-1 clove garlic, smashed
-3 tablespoons toasted sesame oil
-5 tablespoons shoyu
-1 tablespoon rice vinegar
-Pinch of red pepper flakes
-1/2 tsp grated, fresh ginger
-handful of spring mix

1) Cook noodles according to package directions. While they are cooking, fry tempeh (cubed) in a little bit of water. Add veggies after 3 minutes and cook until done.

2) Drain noodles and return to pot, toss with 1 tablespoon sesame oil. Add remaining sesame oil, shoyu, rice vinegar, pepper, ginger, and garlic to veggie and mix. Add the noodles and toss, or place noodles in a bowl and top with veggie mix. Add spring mix and enjoy.


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