Back Again! (Avocado Pesto Recipe)

Hello Blogging World!

The keyboard on my computer spontaneously started working again, so I can now blog and write and do all kinds of awesome, computer things!

I’ve been living in the mountains of Appalachia for the past few months now. I wake up in my tiny staff housing rando to the sounds of birds every morning, and work along the river. I’m baking downtown Sylva at the new Mad Batter, and I’m loving it. I’m getting to experiment with so many different styles of desserts and am busy developing vegan recipes for the restaurant side as well. I get special order cakes a lot, which of course make me the happiest.


I’ve been boating again and getting back to the basics. Last weekend I went to the Chattooga Section IV with my husband and best friend.

“I’ll probably walk the 5 Falls,” I told them. “I’m just not ready for class iv kayaking yet.”

When we got the Five Falls, I ran all of them without so much of a skipped heart beat. That felt good! I felt so solid and strong, and hit the Sock ‘Em Dog boof perfectly. It feels good to be back on it.


As for food, I’m trying to save money to travel this winter, so developing cool recipes has taken a back seat for a while. My focus is now fast, easy, and cheap recipes I can whip together in a pinch in the small staff housing kitchen. I’ve been on a big sweet potato kick: I find that sweet potatoes mixed with oats in the morning gives me an amazing source of fiber and complex carbs and keeps me going for a few hours.

Here’s what I do: At the beginning of the week I bake off a couple sweet potatoes. Every morning, while I’m boiling water for my French press in the rough kitchen tucked into the misty mountains, I cook some rolled oats and add half or a whole mashed sweet potato. When it is warmed completely, I add some homemade almond milk, hemp seeds or flax seeds, some chia seeds, and a variety of fresh fruit. I then carry this and my steaming coffee back to my little room where I go through my yoga routine and wait for everything to cool enough to eat. It’s delicious, especially with some maple syrup or honey.



Another thing I’ve been really getting into lately is climbing. I’m falling in love with the culture and the sport itself. Our house in Knoxville is 45 minutes from the Obed, which is beautiful and gorgeous. We have been spending a lot of weekends camping and climbing there.



Even though I’m living in staff housing and working a ton, I’m proud to say I’m still making 80% of my food from scratch. I buy some cereals and premade breads, but I’m mostly making everything I eat from scratch still! I make hummus, nut butters, and nut milk when I’m home on the weekends, and just bake things off in bulk while I’m working at the restaurant.


Here are few things I’m into right now:

I put this on my toast in the mornings with sprouts… delicious!

This website is really cool, lots of good inspiration and ideas for meals.

I started climbing this spring and I really love it. The more I research prominent female climbers, the more seem to be vegan. Steph Davis has some really cool posts about being a vegan climber.

Also I like this article about what holistic means to this lady. It’s a lifestyle approach, we all have to find what it means for us.    

Ben David took me to Asheville for our two year wedding anniversary last week. We stayed at Aloft, downtown. If you have the money and every travel with your pup, I would highly recommend this place. They are so dog friendly!


Here’s one more simple food recipe I’ve been using a lot this summer. I won’t lie that I look forward to being back in Knoxville now for my kitchen, which I miss so much!

Avocado Pesto

2 roasted garlic cloves
1 large bunch fresh basil
½ ripe avocado
2 teaspoons nutritional yeast
1 teaspoon lime juice
Sprinkle salt and black pepper
2 tablespoons hemp seeds
Vegetable stock as needed

Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth. If desired, add either olive oil or vegetable stock to thin out. I like to keep it thick and spread it on some good, fresh bread, then top with a bunch of grilled veggies and tofu.

Well, that’s all for now! I’ll write again soon. 





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