Morning Oatmeal

As much as I like variety in my diet, I do admit its easy to have standard meals I eat on the daily to make sure I’m eating a balanced diet. One of these meals is my trusty oatmeal. I’ve tried the fruit only in the morning craze, even pumped it up with protein smoothies. However, my body needs carbs: good, whole grain kind of carbs. And it wants them early in the morning.

Healthy breakfasts keep us full all day, and help us become BEASTS!
Healthy breakfasts keep us full all day, and help us become BEASTS!

Why spend years of light-headed mornings fighting my body’s desires just so I can eat fruit like people tell me to?

Life is much better with energy and a calm heart.

photo 3-2

Every morning I eat the following:

β…“-Β½ cup rolled oats or steel cut if I have the time. Steel cut oats are the closest thing to the actual, whole oat groat. The more you process oats, the more they turn into empty carbs that wind up as sugar. Oats are anti-inflammatory and provide an awesome source of fiber to keep you full. They are slow burning fuel for a long morning.

1 diced banana. Bananas are full of magnesium as we all know. They also provide free-radicals to help fight disease, as well as being full of anti-oxidants.

Handful of berries. Everyone knows the antioxidants in berries are great for you.

Almond milk. Almond milk is a great source of calcium and protein.

Raw walnuts. Walnuts have plenty of vitamin E and omega 3’s, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Honey. Honey is sweet, and local honey is great for your immune system.

Ground flax seeds. Another great source of omega 3’s, actually, the highest source in the world of nuts and seeds.

Of course, I try to source all my ingredients as locally and organic as possible. I switch it up a lot, too, but this is the basic agenda. This weekend I added peaches and grilled pineapple and let me tell you- ah-ah-amazing!

This weekend my husband and I got to spend a lot of time at the farmer’s markets on Saturday, buying fresh vegetable, which we then ate all weekend. We also went to the lake and took the dog swimming and talked about the future.

He also took me out for brunch!
He also took me out for brunch!

Our life is fluid. We have general ideas of where we want to go, but we also have standards for living we want to maintain. These standards include not begin so married to a career that we forget to live. I’ve been reading this book about food and I know more than ever, that food and healthy living are things I’m passionate about. I want to empower people to create the kind of preventive lifestyles that will help them have long, healthy lives.

Educating people on health and health matters is something I’m getting more and more interested in as well as passionate about.

And that’s pretty much as much as I’ve got for now. Life is a puzzle, my mom says. I feel like I keep finding the puzzle pieces, and as long as I’m finding them, that’s ok. My current life quote is: “You don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.” I’m not drowning, but I’m not stopping my life puzzle either. I’ll be in touch.


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