Bangin’ Pesto

Christmas tree!
Christmas tree!

December is half way over, meaning this year is about to end. Did this year go incredibly fast for anyone else? It feels like just yesterday I was waking up in the little house in Knoxville and working at the food co-op. As December 31 gets closer, I find myself thinking through this year more and more.

Hiking at Chimney Rock!
Hiking at Chimney Rock!

Ben David got home a week ago and we’ve been hanging out alot. He came to stay with me in Asheville for a bit, and I love showing him my new city. Living in Asheville looks good on me, I think. I’m loving all the wonderful things to do. I can get on the Green or go climbing or trail running or yoga just about everyday.

My roommate's birthday!
My roommate’s birthday!

For dinner after climbing one day, we made pesto and veggies. And boy was it delicious and easy!


I whipped this sauce up quickly, making it a sure-to-be-repeated recipe for me. The less time I spend cooking and the more time I spend living is what I’m about these days.


Oil Free Pesto
-Β½ cup soaked or boiled raw, cashews
-handful fresh basil leaves
-garlic clove
-1 tablespoon nutritional yeast

1) Cook cashew nuts until soft, unless you’ve soaked them. Blend in a food processor while drizzling water in until soft and creamy.
2) Add basil, garlic, and nutritional yeast
3) I find it delicious to add this sauce to the drained noodles in the pan on the stove so the whole thing gets warm.



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