Getting Ready for Indonesia

The countdown is on. One and a half weeks left until I hop on a plane, then three more, and 48 hours later find myself in Indonesia.

This trip has been years in coming. In high school, my first boyfriend was from Bali, Indonesia. We met at the resort we worked at (I cleaned rooms!). I was too independent for him, so it didn’t last long, but it did last long enough for me to become intrigued by stories of his homeland. I’ve dreamed of visiting Bali for the last ten years.

Right now I have so many lists: things to get done, things to buy, work lists. I’m making sure I have called my credit card company, know where my passport is; I’m making sure I’ve got my vitamins, soap, a new toothbrush; I’m setting up things at work so my absence isn’t as huge as it could be.

A new journal for my journey
A new journal for my journey

I’ve got a new journal for my journey as well. One thing I am trying to make sure I don’t do is create really high expectations for this trip. While I know it is going to be the trip of a life time, and most likely a life changing trip, I don’t want to have any disappointment.

This is a life lesson I am learning in general. Learning to accept life as it comes, and to graciously be ok with the things happening is a skill I’m working on developing. I’m a very extreme person. I’m not the best at moderation. But a sustainable life, whether it be financially, physically, or emotionally, depends on moderation and balance.

Learning how to talk with an old soul.
Learning how to talk with an old soul.

Cultivating balance in my personal life is a daily challenge. I am extremely lucky to work for such great bosses and such a great company (shout out to the Nantahala Outdoor Center) that values balance in their employee’s lives. My bosses are great example of balancing a strong work ethic with maintaining a passion for their soul sports. This atmosphere allows me to work hard and play hard.

I’m learning a lot right now about accepting experiences as they happen. I am careful not to create an expectation for my trip to Bali that will cause the whole journey to not add up. I am careful to not get so focused on chasing a bank account that I forget the passions which led me into the outdoor industry in the first place.

I also bought a string bikini for the first time for surfing. I’ve been working out this winter, and am happy to report that my vegan hemp protein and yoga practice has restored my shoulders to their former glory.

Finally building back the strength.
Finally building back the strength.

I’ll keep you guys updated on my adventure and the process of finding balance.


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