It Takes a Community

A little word on Community

I believe humans were built for community. We weren’t designed to live alone: no man is an island. Most of us try at some point to go for it alone, but in the end we were created to be together.

Recently I’ve been enjoying the results of six years spent in a community. This summer I’ve realized the bonds I’ve created, the relationships I’ve built, and the group of amazing individuals that make up my “family”. The saying ‘it takes a village’ isn’t just true about raising children. For any of us to grow emotionally and thrive, it takes a village.


Not only have I have been enjoying the fruits of six years in one place, but I’ve also been able to enjoy the process of forging new relationships and friendships. The most surprising friendships are the ones I’ve been able to develop this year with strong, fearless females. I’ve always been intimidated by badass women, but through the years I’ve learned to handle that emotion more maturely than simply avoiding them. I realize I can learn from them. The inspiration they provide is essential to my growth as a human.

We all provide inspiration to each other, helping each other grow and flourish in our journeys. This is the beauty of community. We can try to go it alone. I’ve certainly tried it for several years. The result was a stunted version of who I could be. Learning from each other can be hard. It requires humility and an admission that we aren’t completely self-sufficient. The person I’ve grown to become in the last few months however I would not want to trade for the appearance of the safety of independence.


I thought about these ideas this morning as I was driving from an early yoga class into town. I’ve spent the last week being surrounded by incredible female role models. I’ve been able to kayak, hang out, and share with these women I’ve looked up to for years. I’ve learned so much from these experiences in such a short time. I’ve not just learned new kayak moves or lines, but I’ve been able to learn how to rely on the comfort of friendships during frustrating times as well as the enjoyment of beautiful days.

Not only am I learning from these incredible women, but I’m also creating relationships to stabilize my life for the long run. I don’t have to try to go it alone, because I have an amazing community to support me. And no one in my community has to go it alone, because we are all here to support them as well.


2 thoughts on “It Takes a Community

  1. Love this AnnaB! I feel the same way about my community…no one has to go it alone. Thanks for being one of those strong women in my life! And keep writing!! It’s beautiful!!

  2. Beautiful post! You are one of those strong women! Isn’t it great to have friends around you who help you grow?! You are amazing! Thanks for your sincerity!

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