We Are the Badasses We Dream Of

I’m smack dab in the middle of another kids camp as I write this. At this very moment, I’ve got Jack Johnson playing, fresh coffee, and kids scurrying around the cabin getting ready for the day.

Driving the kids
Driving the kids

Last night the coolest thing happened. We were all in our cabin getting ready for sleeping when I called all the girls into the main room. We sat in a circle, stretched our shoulders, and talked about the best part of our day. Voices elevated as they excitedly told me about surfing under the bridge, or catching and eddy, or their epic swim. It was the best part of my day, by far. Here are eight girls, ranging in ages from nine to sixteen, getting super stoked and excited talking about kayaking.

These girls aren’t concerned with clothes, or boys (at least right now), or any of that silly high school stuff. These girls are too busy kayaking to really care about any of that. Their perspectives are really unique for their ages. They giggle about silly swims, they applaud each other on awesome buddy rescues above the falls.


Perspective is such a powerful concept. Unless we can control our perspective and maintain a positive one, we’ll never truly be happy. As much as humans were meant to live in a state of bliss, we are ultimately the ones responsible for that.

By adjusting our perspective we can adjust our reactions to life and ultimately our level of happiness.

Here’s an example: I’m 27. I live in a somewhat dingy staff housing house. I don’t have a ton of money to my name; in the winter I don’t even have a home. I live with a group of people society has labeled dirtbags. To the average person, my life is a wreck.

A gathering with friends the other night.
A gathering with friends the other night.

And I could buy into that. I could allow the commonly agreed upon perspective to ruin my happiness. Or I could look at my life differently. Because here’s what I see:

I live in an affordable house with people I love. I am able to have my dog, morning runs by the river, and a garden. I get to travel the world in the winters, and kayak almost everyday. This version of my life is spectacular.

There are tons of examples. One that keeps coming to mind is self-image. As a female, I struggle with comparing my actual body to the ones I see everywhere, you know, the photo shopped bodies. If I can change my perspective, and start seeing my body as the amazing machine it is, I can be more at peace. I just spent a week teaching kids how to kayak. I jogged half my shuttles, carried their boats, ran my dog every morning, did yoga, and kayaked. Everyday. My body is powerful.

And I feel so incredibly badass. This perspective switch, the way I view my body as an amazing, strong body that gets s**t done, is how I find bliss.


I just want everyone to experience that feeling. I want everyone to sit around and be so wrapped in conversations about boofs and combat rolls that no one has time to worry about not being thin enough or having the right clothes. I want us to all be so caught up in how incredible our bodies and lives are that we forget about the silly little things.

We are the badasses we dream of.


3 thoughts on “We Are the Badasses We Dream Of

  1. Well said. The common perspective, so to speak, is drunk on consumerism. Even those of us in the outdoor industry survive in part on the idea that you can buy happiness (‘adventure’) with money. Being authentic to yourself is really the only golden rule, and violating said rule tends to lead to negative consequences.

  2. Annabell – you rock! I love your blog! Thanks for telling me about it and sharing your perspective through this blog and through your kayak instruction with the girls of Troop 795 of Tamp FL these last two days! You live the example of positivity! Thank you for your perspective! I will need to print a copy and keep it on my fridge!

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