Tree Lot Check In

I sold a tree today to a lady from India who is a Hindu.

She came up to the trailer very purposefully, slightly shorter and wider than I with a black shawl on.

“Will you help me pick out a tree?”

Tree Lot Escapades-16

Inwardly I sighed a little, grabbed my jacket and gloves, and trudged outside, skipping steps on the stairs by our little home. She wanted to see the smallest trees we had, so I showed her the Charlie Brown’s. They’re about two feet tall.

“I don’t know anything about trees.”

“Is this your first tree?”

“Yes. I am from India; I am a Hindu. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But my daughter, she is four and she wants a tree.”

I explained lights to her, put the tree on a stand, told her how to buy ornaments and a tree topper. I didn’t explain that trees are for Christmas, not Thanksgiving. She tipped me $3.78. Her change.

Tree Lot Escapades-3

And I thought, How freaking cool.

Here is a woman who could choose to hold onto her past, to try and indoctrinate her child. She could try to tell her child what to believe, who to be; she could cling to old ways and habits and play it safe.

But instead she is embracing the future, change, and the world. She is empowering her four-year old girl. She is teaching her child to be open minded, accepting, and how to adapt. She is finding her identity in herself, not worried about others. She is teaching her daughter to do the same, and her daughter is going to be one strong, amazing woman.

I know, I’m reading a lot into a tree sale.

But she was a pretty badass woman.



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