Karma is a bitc-er, Busy, busy Lady

The other day was perfect. I mean, p-e-r-f-e-c-t. My friend and I met at 11, after sleeping in and drinking coffee on my window seat all morning, and loaded our boats. After hiking through gorgeous, green trees, we slipped into the cool, green water and headed downstream.

“My goal today is to work on my core strength, so I’m going to rock spin on every rock I see,” She said as she slid the front of her boat onto a barely covered rock and spun off it.

Inside I did a happy dance; there are other people like me! Who have goals even on their days off!

Early Morning Work Views

“My goal is to get better and leaning forward over my boat when punching holes, so I’m going to punch every little hint of a hole today and dramatically lean forward.” I floated through a tiny hole, planting my paddle beyond it and staying leaned forward.

The run was solid, we both had great lines and worked on our goals, pushing each other just enough to keep it fun but keep it focused. We got done, got to the car, and figured out the logistics to minimize the time spent swapping boats for bikes and letting my dog out. We were going to make the absolute most of our day off. Inside I kept happy dancing, someone else who schedules their days off to maximize them! And we were meeting several more girls very similar!

Biking Views

I texted the other girls our estimated time of arrival at DuPont, then quickly changed (under my skirt, it’s the most efficient), and we started in the direction of my house. My friend congratulated me on my logistical skills.

“Oh yes, you know, I could practically run UPS,” I gloated a little bit.

Forty-five minutes later we arrived at DuPont, 5 minutes past the pre-arranged meet time. The parking lot was empty save for an older man with a beer belly who grinned at us.

“That’s your friend…?” My friend asked.

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

I looked down at my phone. Somehow, in the efficient pace I was keeping during the sport exchange, I had mistyped and told my friend and hour later. Everything was thrown off. The day was scheduled around my current friend getting to Asheville by a certain time.

We took off on the trail, had an amazing ride, apologized profusely to my friends through texts at the first sign of signal, and laughed at how very, very bit-, er, busy, Karma is.

Ask me now: am I good at logistics?

Sometimes, sometimes I am. But I could not run UPS. Just a small, outdoor adventure company in WNC. And I’m not even sure how I’m doing that most days.

Summer Views (Photo by Karin Strickland)

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