Empowered People Empower People

It’s a beautiful Sunday, I have a mug of delicious coffee (I got a new coffee grinder!), and I’m working on the schedule. Someone wanting to buy a Green Key momentarily interrupts me. The only people in the shop are another employee, Green Key Guy, and myself.


“How’s your Sunday going?” I chirp as I get the key and the log out.

“Better than yours,” the retort is so quick and snarky I’m shocked speechless for a second. I replied with a short sentence or two on how this isn’t how you make friends, and he apologizes.

I definitely do the same thing at times. I’ve been prone to wanting to show other people how much better my life is by pointing how the flaws in theirs. I’ve been insecure before in myself and found a momentary ego boost in other’s weaknesses. I’ve overanalyzed the tendency we all have to be overly critical of other people, and have tons of theories on why we do this. I won’t go into all of them, but I do firmly believe that if we were super confident, happy with our choices and lives, and sure that we’re living the life we’re meant to, it wouldn’t matter to us what other people were doing with their lives.

Work these days…

Empowered people empower people. They know that it is their own badass-ness that makes them badass, not being better than everyone else.

We should never make someone question their own badass-ness. We should be encouraging each other, pushing each other on, celebrating each other’s lives.

Poster child for Euphoria

When I’m insecure in my life, when I’m unsure that what I’m doing is right for me, I tend to judge other people’s lives, trying to somehow justify mine. Its as if I think that by showing how other people aren’t doing it right either may make it ok for me to compromise in my life. The truth is none of us are doing it right or wrong. We’re all just trying to do the best we can.

But lately I’ve found that I’m so euphorically happy with my life, that I really don’t care much about other’s choices. If someone gets a better job, I’m not automatically trying to find out the worst part of their new job, I’m congratulating them and happy that they are pursuing their dreams.


We should all start being happy for each other. And if we’re not, if the first thing that pops into our heads is finding the problem with another’s person’s life, then maybe we should think about why we are doing that. Are we insecure in our own lives? Are we nit picking someone else’s life in an attempt to avoid being open and honest with ours?

Let’s all just be happy for each other. When someone saves the money to travel the world, let’s be happy for him or her. When someone runs a class III rapid the first time, let’s celebrate them. When someone learns a new hobby, or gets a promotion, or quits their jobs to chase their dreams, let’s find the best part about it and be happy for them.

We’re all in this together.


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