The Current.

“Are these really the only options for stamps?” I asked, my disappointment pretty obvious.

The postal worker smiled apologetically, “Yes, I know, they all suck don’t they?”

“These are all terrible, how am I supposed to choose?”

“I know, I’m not sure what they expect.”

“Do you guys have any of the spring editions left over, like the planets?”

“Let me check…. nope. Just these.”

“I guess I’ll take a book of the ice cream cones.”

“Sounds good, I agree, these suck.”

Beautiful Fall Day Riding 😉

Seriously, ice cream cone stamps?!

Work’s been a little slow these crisp, cool days. I’m relearning algebra and my daily excitement is going to the post office across the street.


Thankful for rest. For numbers that are black and white, for coffee drenched mornings in bed, for leaves that are glowing, for friends who are just as flakey as me.



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