Pursuit of Happiness

Its December 5, Pro Leisure Tour is a month old, and I’m still recovering from a busy season. I finally started up my yoga practice again, and found an amazing studio downtown Hendersonville. It has creaky wooden floors, light yellow walls, and light that filters in from the end wall. Its also above Kilwins Chocolate.


So I went to yoga last week and it felt really good, although all the grey haired yogis there were more than twice as flexible as my sore, cyclist’s body. Towards the end of class, our teacher had us in tree, reminding us to pick a drishti and use it to help us keep our balance and of course BOOM: epiphany.

Drishti’s are used in yoga to maintain balance and focus. They’re stable things that you hold your gaze on while you hold a pose. The idea is as you focus on that object, your attention follows, your mind quiets, and you’re able to maintain balance.

Pigeon and I in Pisgah, the two current loves of my life

Which of course, has so many applications in real life. Life is full of really hard decisions. We have to make choices that we may not want to make, and choose things that might be really hard at the moment but are going to lead to a better future.

When we make these decisions, sometimes we need help remembering why we made them, and keeping us steady while we wrestle with “Was that a good decision?” Real-life drishtis help me with this. Pictures in my head of the future I want, a stable life with a dependable career and a lifestyle I love, remind me the reasons behind my decisions when I start to waver.

So right now, I’m focusing on what my real life drishti is, which of course is ultimately the pursuit of happiness. But what does that mean? Time to start defining what happiness means to me, I suppose. 🙂

Happy December!


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