Learning to Be Selfish

Its been a balmy 60 degrees this week. The bike rides have been super enjoyable and plentiful. Life continues to march onward… I’m cultivating balance right now and learning what it means to be happy.

Pigeon and I’ve been getting lost in Pisgah for hours lately.

One thing I spent a lot of time thinking about and dealing with last year was the idea that it is ok to be selfish. I’m like most people; I’m incredibly nice. I care so much about everyone else being happy and supported I tend to forget that I can only support other people in their journey towards happiness if I’m also taking care of my own happiness.

Before studying impromptu ride 

So often we think that being selfish is a bad trait; that doing things and making decisions because we simply weren’t happy is superficial. Maybe if it goes too far that’s true. If you continually hurt other people using your own selfish, happiness as the reason.

But if you continually hurt your own self trying to make everyone else happy and be unselfish, then is that any better? Why are you so much less significant than them, that their happiness should take such a priority over yours? (Cue self image discussion…)

John’s Rock in Pisgah, beautiful 🙂 

Sometimes in life I tend to focus so hard on not upsetting other people and on supporting their happiness that I forget what happiness means… what it smells like, tastes like, feels like.

I forget that I can only help other people take care of themselves and their happiness if I’m doing the same for myself.

The one snow day we got. So peaceful and quiet!

And when that happens, I need to realize that its ok to be selfish. Its ok to make myself, my personal health, a priority.

The truth is you can only share happiness if you have it. And if you don’t have it, then you can’t really help other people find it. So this year I am reminding myself that it’s ok to be selfish and take the time to do the things I need to do to find my happiness.


Right now, my happiness seems to be really dependent on spending copious amounts of time alone in the woods: on my bike, with Pigeon, or simply barefoot, grounding my feet into the earth (Gaia).

Been learning a lot lately about balancing my root chakra by spending a lot of time barefoot in the woods. 

So if you want to hang out, look for me in Pisgah. 🙂

Happy MLK Day!


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