Hi! I’m Annabell, a 20-something tripping through life. I have the privilege of living in Flat Rock, NC where I am the Operations Manager at Green River Adventures. I write for Canoe and Kayak as well as other publications, and am an ambassador for Kokatat. In the winters I travel the world searching for an endless summer.

I love kayaking, teaching kids, writing, drinking stout coffee, and empowering others to make positive changes in their lives.


I believe kayaking and healthy eating can change lives for the simple fact that it changed mine. Life is fluid and dynamic, just like a river. We can get off line in an instant, and its not how well you stay on line that counts as much as how well you can recover. This parallel has the power to encourage and support a life that evolves, and doesn’t merely fall into the comfort of a mediocre routine. When I teach kayaking, I try to develop the skill of making informed decisions for yourself, a skill we can use in our everyday lives as well. Don’t take a line merely because someone else is taking it. Look ahead, read the river for yourself. See how the rocks ahead may or may not bump your line, and develop an informed course of action from that. And when you hit a rock you didn’t see, throw in a good brace, recover, paddle on.

Its really only life.


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